George Watson

# Interdisciplinary scientist at the physics–biology interface

George Watson,
    a devilishly handsome young man
    with rectangular, dark-framed glasses
    and a head of luscious brown curls,
    sits in his office.
    He looks like someone you'd take home to meet your mother.

Hi, I’m George. I’m currently finishing off a PhD in computational biophysics in Agnes Noy’s lab, part of the Physics of Life Group at the University of York, where I’ve been performing advanced all-atom molecular dynamics simulations of interactions between proteins and DNA. These are really cool and important interactions that can have a big effect on gene regulation – check out our latest preprint or feel free to get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

I also blog about science, computing, culture and more – you’ll see a few of my latest posts if you scroll down.

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